17 May 2018



Member for Albury, Greg Aplin, is seeking your views on a Bill coming before the NSW Parliament shortly for debate: the Public Health Amendment (Safe Access to Reproductive Health Clinics) Bill 2018.


“If made law, this Bill would create a 150-metre exclusion zone around properties such as the abortion clinic in Albury’s Englehardt Street,” said Mr Aplin. “There will be fines and imprisonment for harassment, among other offences.


“While the Albury Police have been monitoring and managing matters relating to the the clinic for approximately 15 years now, with protestors from different sides of the issue and the use of permits with conditions imposed, the question now becomes whether an exclusion zone law is preferable.


“For many years I have engaged with local police, activists, concerned citizens, affected residents and with various government ministers with regard to Englehardt Street Clinic. While I am very familiar with the views of the organisations involved on both sides of the debate, I would now like to hear more from you, the general public of Albury,” said Mr Aplin.


“I encourage you to read the short Bill, which will soon be available online at www.parliament.nsw.gov.au (search under ‘Bills’ and the name of the Bill).


“I remind everyone that this Bill is not about abortion, or whether abortion should be lawful/unlawful. Don’t be sidetracked by other concerns. You can contact my office on 6021 3042 or email me at [email protected]